The Deutschgruppe AP® Prep class is intended to prepare students for the AP® German Language and Culture Exam, administered in May each year. The course follows College Board guidelines for the AP® curriculum. AP® courses are considered college-level courses, and after passing the exam with a score of at least 3, students may receive college credit (rules vary among colleges).

Students in this class can also prepare to take the Deutsche Sprachdiplom 1 (DSD1), a globally administered test from the German government's Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen. This exam may serve as a first step to satisfy the language proficiency requirements for students who wish to study in Germany. The next higher level, the DSD2, satisfies the language proficiency requirements completely.

The AP® Prep class develops four core skills that are tested in both the AP® and DSD1 exams: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, written expression, and oral expression. The course curriculum comprises a thorough grammar and vocabulary review, practice exams, and classroom study with current printed and audiovisual materials and textbooks.

Students in this class must be in 9th grade or above and should be prepared to complete 2–3 hours of homework assignments each week.