Students entering BAKS+ classes are expected to understand and speak German—and for older students, read and write German—at an age-appropriate level. Parents of potential new students should contact our directors at baksplus@kinderstube.org if they have questions about whether BAKS+ is likely to be a good fit for their child, in terms of language level.

2019–2020 school year

The 2019–2020 school year runs September 3, 2019, to June 5, 2020. Please download and fill out the enrollment application form and sign and return the form to Bay Area Kinderstube, Attn. BAKS Plus, 842 Key Route Blvd, Albany, CA 94706. Please don't forget to include a check for the required fees, payable to Bay Area Kinderstube.

BAKS+ welcomes new students throughout the school year, space allowing. If you are interested in enrolling your child after the school year has started, please email us.


Tuition for full-year classes for 2019–2020 is $1,152 for Monday classes and $1,287 for classes that meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. There is also a yearly enrollment fee (for administration; $20 until June 7, $40 after June 7) and materials fee (for textbooks and other instructional materials; $60). There is a one-time deposit for new students of $120. A detailed fee schedule is listed in the enrollment application.